raidcom unmap snapshot

Storage Advisor Embedded User Guide

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Unmaps the S-VOL which is mapping the snapshot data.

For a Thin Image Advanced pair, the pair status changes to CPYP while the specified operation is in process, and then changes to PSUS when the process is complete. To verify that the operation is complete, run the raidcom get snapshot command to verify that STAT has changed from CPYP to other than CPYP.


raidcom unmap snapshot -ldev_id <ldev#> [-snapshotgroup <name> | -mirror_id <mu#>] 

Options and parameters

-ldev_id <ldev#>

Specifies the LDEV number to be unmapped.

Snapshot group name or MU number must be specified when you specify the LDEV number of P-VOL to identify the snapshot data.

Do not specify the snapshot group name and MU number when you specify the LDEV number of S-VOL.

[-snapshotgroup <name>]

Specifies the name of the snapshot group in which the snapshot data as the operation target is included.

One MU which corresponds to the specified P-VOL is unmapped from the specified snapshot group.


Because the MU is selected automatically, an unexpected MU could be unmapped. So if you intend to specify the specific snapshot data, specify the snapshot data by an MU number instead of a snapshot group.

[-mirror_id <mu#>]

Specifies the mirror ID of the snapshot data to be a target of unmapping when you specify the LDEV number of P-VOL.


Unmapping the S-VOL (LDEV number 20:00).

# raidcom unmap snapshot -ldev_id 0x2000

Unmapping the snapshot data of the LDEV number 10:10 that is included in the snapshot group (db1).

# raidcom unmap snapshot -ldev_id 0x1010 -snapshotgroup db1

Unmapping the P-VOL (LDEV number 10:10) and the mirror ID 10.

# raidcom unmap snapshot -ldev_id 0x1010 -mirror_id 10