raidcom add snapshot

Storage Advisor Embedded User Guide

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Add a combination of the specified LDEV number and Pool ID to a snapshot group. If there is no name of specified snapshot group, create a new snapshot group.


raidcom add snapshot -ldev_id <ldev#(P)> <ldev#(S)> -pool 
{<pool ID#> | <pool naming>} 
-snapshotgroup <name> [-snap_mode <mode>] [-mirror_id <mu#>]

Options and parameters

-ldev_id <ldev#(P)> <ldev#(S)>

Specifies the LDEV number with the snapshot data created. LDEV numbers for P-VOL must be included. If VOL_ATTR of the specified LDEV is a DRS-VOL and cascade is speficied for the -snap_mode option, a Thin Image Advanced pair is created.

-pool {<pool ID#> | <pool naming>}

Specifies the pool ID or the pool name created for Snapshot.

-snapshotgroup <name>

Specifies a name to be given for snapshot group.

[-mirror_id <mu#>]
Supported storage systems:
  • VSP 5000 series
  • VSP G1x00 and VSP F1500
  • VSP G130, G/F350, G/F370, G/F700, G/F900

Specifies the mirror ID.

If this option is omitted, an unused mirror ID is allocated automatically.

[-snap_mode <mode>]

Specifies the mode to create a snapshot group and the mode to add a P-VOL or S-VOL to the snapshot group. If you specify multiple modes, use a space as a separator.

The following modes can be specified:

  • <mode>= CTG: For creating in CTG mode. The consistency group number is allocated internally by itself.

    If this option is omitted, the snapshot group is created in normal mode.

    This option is effective only when a new snapshot group is to be created.

    This option is ignored if this is specified for the existing snapshot group.

  • <mode> = clone: For adding a P-VOL or S-VOL as a volume for which you can create a pair with the clone attribute (clone mode).

  • <mode>= cascade: For adding a P-VOL or S-VOL as a volume in which you can create a cascade pair (cascade mode).


  • -snap_mode CTG clone
  • -snap_mode CTG


Adding a combination of the P-VOL (LDEV number 10:10), the S-VOL (LDEV number 20:20), and the Pool (SnapPool00) to the snapshot group (db1).

# raidcom add snapshot -ldev_id 0x1010 0x2020 -pool SnapPool00 -snapshotgroup db1