System configuration of REST API

Storage Advisor Embedded User Guide

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The following figure shows the basic system configuration of REST API.

Storage system

By using the REST API, you can get information from the storage system or change the configuration of the storage system.

GUM (Gateway for Unified Management)

This is the computer that has basic management functions for the storage system. You can manage the storage system from an external device through communications with GUM.

GUM exists in each controller, controller 1 (CTL1) and controller 2 (CTL2).

REST API server

This component acts as a server to receive REST API requests from REST API clients, issue orders to the storage system, and then returns the results to the REST API clients.

The REST API server is on the GUM of the storage system.

REST API clients
The REST API clients issue requests to the REST API server. The term "REST API client" refers to software or scripts that use the REST API.