Users and user authentication specifications

Storage Advisor Embedded User Guide

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The user authentication environment for embedded CCI is the same as that for maintenance utility. Users who are displayed in the User Administration window of the maintenance utility can use embedded CCI using the same user name and password as for maintenance utility.

For details about adding and managing users, see the System Administrator Guide for the storage system.

The user authentication support specifications for embedded CCI are as follows:
  • User name
    • Number of characters: 1 to 63
    • Supported characters: letters, numbers, - . @ _
    • Default user name: maintenance
    The following user names cannot be used (an error message is returned when they are used):
    • sysadmin
    • root
    • avahi
    • messagebus
    • sshd
    • ntp
    • stunnel
    • daemon
    • admin
  • Password
    • Number of characters: 6 to 63
    • Supported characters: letters, numbers, - . @ _
    • Default password: raid-maintenance
  • Challenge-response authenticationNot supported
  • Public key authenticationNot supported
  • External authenticationSupported
  • Password authenticationNot supported