Sessions and instances for embedded CCI

Storage Advisor Embedded User Guide

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User sessions

An embedded CCI session is created when the SSH connection to the GUM processor is successfully established. If the session creation fails (because the SSH connection did not succeed), the raidcom command returns the [EX_ESNRDY] error message. The session is deleted when the following events occur:
  • The SSH connection is disconnected.
  • A timeout occurs (no raidcom command is issued for 60 minutes).
  • The storage system is rebooted.

If you run a raidcom command after the session has ended, the [EX_ESSINV] error message is returned.


Embedded CCI does not use instance numbers. Embedded CCI instances start and end automatically as follows:
  • When the GUM processor is booted, the embedded CCI instance starts.
  • When the GUM processor is turned off, the embedded CCI instance ends.
  • When the internal address of the GUM processor is changed, the embedded CCI instance reboots.
  • An error occurs when instances with instance numbers are specified.
  • If you issue a raidcom command while the instance is not started, the [EX_ATTHOR] error message is returned.
  • When the GUM processor fails to boot, instances retry to start every 10 minutes.
  • The configuration definition file (HORCM file) for embedded CCI is created automatically on the GUM processor when an instance starts. You do not need to create the configuration definition file, and you cannot edit the file.