Notes and restrictions for raidcom commands

Storage Advisor Embedded User Guide

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Observe the following notes and restrictions when executing the raidcom command in embedded CCI:
  • Up to 20 simultaneous SSH connections to a GUM processor are supported.
  • The connection between embedded CCI and the storage system is disconnected when no raidcom command is issued for 60 minutes. If you run a raidcom command after the timeout, the [EX_ESSINV] error is returned. To run raidcom commands after the timeout, you must disconnect and then make the SSH connection.
  • The asynchronous command results are deleted when the SSH client is disconnected or when the timeout occurs. To confirm the command results before the SSH client is disconnected or the session times out, run the raidcom get command_status command.
  • User-defined script files cannot be created in an embedded CCI environment. If you want to use script files, use host-based CCI.
  • Instance numbers cannot be specified by the -I option.