Shredding volumes by CCI

Storage Advisor Embedded User Guide

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By using the CCI, you can completely erase all data from volumes. After the erase, the volumes can be reused securely.


Data cannot be restored after the shredding. Therefore, before executing the command, make sure that the specified volumes are correct.

You can prevent data leakage by shredding volumes in the following cases:

  • When you want to reuse a volume.
  • When you want to dispose of a drive.

Shredding erases the volume data by overwriting it repeatedly with dummy data.

Operation overview

Block the target volume, and then delete the data.

  • Block the volume.

    To stop access to the target volume, block the volume. To prevent operation mistakes, data can be erased only when the volume is blocked.

  • Erase the data from the volume.

    Delete data from the volume by repeatedly overwriting the unnecessary dummy data. You can specify any data pattern for the second time. By default, the dummy data is overwritten in the following order:

    • First time: 0x00000000

    • Second time: 0xFFFFFFFF

    • Third time: 0x00000000

Example environment

The following figure shows an example system environment.
    • Server

      CCI is installed on the server.

    • Storage volumes for shredding

      Volume ID: 100

      Volume ID: 200

    • User name and password of storage system

      User name: user00

      Password: password00