Modifying the storage system port settings

Storage Advisor Embedded User Guide

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You can modify the storage port settings.

  1. In the navigation bar, click Ports.
  2. Click (Edit Port) of the port that is to edit.
  3. Modify the following settings:
    • Port ID
    • Port security
    • Port speed
    • FC information or iSCSI information
    • For a channel board (10 Gbps, iSCSI (optical)) port, set 10 Gbps for Port Speed. If you specify a different value, it will be ignored.
    • For a channel board (25Gbps iSCSI (Optical)) port, do not specify the IPv6 DEFAULT GATEWAY if you are using a gateway address that uses Route Advertisement (RA).

      If there are multiple IPv6 gateway addresses in the same network, performance delays might occur.

  4. Click the port ID to open the details page, and then verify that the settings are correctly specified.