raidcom rename pool

Storage Advisor Embedded User Guide

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Changes the pool name of a pool for Thin Image, Copy-on-Write Snapshot, Dynamic Provisioning, Dynamic Provisioning for Mainframe, Dynamic Tiering, Dynamic Tiering for Mainframe, active flash, or active flash for mainframe.

Note: If a failure occurs in a processor on an MP blade or a controller, this command cannot be run even on an MP blade or a controller on which no failure occurs.


raidcom rename pool -pool_id <pool ID#> -pool_name <pool naming>

Options and parameters

-pool_id <pool ID#>

Specifies a pool ID (0-127).

If a -pool_id option is non-numeric, the specified value is recognized as a pool name to identify the pool ID.

-pool_name <pool naming>

Specifies a new pool name. You can specify up to 32 characters.

The -pool_name option cannot be specified by configuring only in numeric because numeric values are preferentially identified as a pool ID. Specifies a pool ID with the '-pool_id<pool ID#>' option.


Changing the pool name of the pool (ID: 1) to my_pool.

# raidcom rename pool -pool_id 1 -pool_name my_pool