Updating the certificate files

Storage Advisor Embedded User Guide

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The Update Certificate Files window is used to update the certificates that are used for communication between the management client and the storage system.

You must have the Storage Administrator (View & Modify) role to complete this procedure.

  1. Click Settings and select Maintenance Utility.
  2. In the maintenance utility Menu navigation tree, click System Management.
  3. Click Update Certificate Files.
  4. To update the certificate file on the management client:
    1. Select the Web Server checkbox, then click Browse.
    2. Browse to the certificate file and click Open. The File Upload window closes and returns you to the Update Certificate Files dialog box.
    3. In the Web Server Password: field, enter the certificate password.
    4. Enter the password again in the Web Server Re-enter Password: field.
  5. Click Apply to update the certificates.