Exporting performance data using the Export Tool 2

Storage Advisor Embedded User Guide

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Export Tool 2 allows you to export the performance information accumulated by your storage system. By exporting and storing the information, you can analyze health status, troubleshoot, and predict future storage performance. You can also use Export Tool 2 to save and accumulate data over extended periods of time for long-term analysis and future reference. The performance information exported by Export Tool 2 is output in CSV format. You can analyze the CSV by using spreadsheet software. For details, see Using Export Tool 2.

Some typical reasons to export past performance data are:
  • A performance issue is found in some part of the environment, such as servers or the network.
  • There is a need to analyze peak time to use when considering workload splitting.
  • To analyze long-term performance trends, and aid in deciding when to expand the environment.