Exporting storage system performance information

Storage Advisor Embedded User Guide

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Storage Advisor Embedded provides two different methods of exporting performance data.

  • Use the CSV export tool in individual volume performance monitor reports to export the performance information currently shown in the reports. You can use this information for quick analysis.
  • Use Export Tool 2 to export the performance information accumulated by your storage system. You can also use this tool to save and accumulate data over extended periods of time for long-term analysis and future reference.
Both tools output information in CSV format. You can analyze the CSV by using any spreadsheet software.

By default, the storage system records performance information for the last 24 hours in the CFMs. The CFMs have 288 plots (storage area) and by default, performance information is recorded every 5 minutes. When performance information is recorded in the last plot, the storage system returns to the first plot to continue recording.

You can increase the amount of performance information stored in the CFMs by changing the collection interval. You can set the collection interval from 5 - 60 minutes (in 5 minute intervals). For example, if you set the collection interval to 60 minutes, the recording period becomes 60 x 288 = 17280 minutes, which means you can store 12 days of information.

Guidelines when using VSP E series storage systems

For VSP E series with DKCMAIN microcode version 93-06-21 or later, you can specify the CUs for which performance information is collected (target CUs). If the number of target CUs is less than 33, you can change the collection interval in the range from 1 to 15 minutes (1 minute intervals), and performance information is recorded in 1440 plots. For example, if you set the number of target CUs to less than 33 and the collection interval to 1 minute, the recording period becomes 1 x 1440 = 1440 minutes, which means you can store 1 day of information. For details, see add cu.

When you change the microcode version, the performance information accumulated in the CFMs is reset. Then, performance information for all CUs is recorded every 5 minutes, which is the default. This applies to an upgrade or downgrade between a version earlier than 93-06-21 and a version of 93-06-21 or later.