Installing Export Tool 2 (Windows)

Storage Advisor Embedded User Guide

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  • Make sure that the management client computer meets the requirements. For details, see System requirements for Export Tool 2.
  • If are using VSP E series storage and upgraded to microcode 93-06-21/xx or later, install version 93-06-20/xx or later of Export Tool 2.
  • If are using VSP E series storage systems and upgraded to microcode 93-07-00-xx or later, install version 93-07-00-xx or later of Export Tool 2.
  1. On the Windows computer, create a new directory to store the export tool program.
  2. Insert the installation media into the computer.
  3. Copy the \program\monitor2 directory in the installation media to the directory that you created in step 1. (Copy all directories and files including the \program\monitor2 directory under the directory.)
    The Export Tool 2 program is in the Java class file format (exportTool.jar), and it is located in the \program\monitor2 directory.