show interval

Storage Advisor Embedded User Guide

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The show interval command displays the sampling interval (how often, in minutes, monitoring data is collected).


show interval -ip <IP address> -login <User name> <Password> -proxy <IP address> <Port number> <User name> <Password>

Options and parameters

-ip <IP Address>

Specifies the IP address of GUM (IPv4 or IPv6 format) or host name.

-login <user name> <password>

Specifies the user ID and password of the Export Tool 2 user. If this option is omitted, you will be prompted to enter your user ID and password.

-proxy <IP address or host name> <port number> <user name> <password>

If the management client is connected to the storage system through a proxy server, this option specifies the proxy information (IP address [IPv4 or IPv6 format] or host name, port number, user name and password). If <user name> and <password> are omitted here, but <user name> and <password> are specified for the -login parameter, the proxy is used without authentication. If <user name> and <password> are omitted and the -login parameter is omitted, you are prompted to enter the user ID and password for the proxy server.


Interval : <Value> min

Displays the sampling interval obtained from the storage system.


show interval -ip -login User Pass
Interval : 50 min
show interval command success