remove cu

Storage Advisor Embedded User Guide

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The remove cu command removes CUs for which performance information is collected (target CUs).

This command is available for VSP E series with a DKCMAIN microcode version of 93-06-21 or later.

Performance information collection starts for the reduced set of CUs when the accumulated performance information is discarded.
Note: When the sampling interval is 5, 10, or 15 minutes, you cannot remove CUs if the number of monitored CUs will change to less than 33. In this case, set the sampling interval to a value that is a multiple of 5 in the range from 5 to 60 first, and then remove CU numbers. For more detailed information, see set interval.


remove cu -ip <IP address> -login <User name> <Password> -proxy <IP 
address> <Port number> <User name> <Password> -cu <CU number> -q

Options and parameters

-ip <IP Address>

Specifies the IP address of GUM (IPv4 or IPv6 format) or host name.

-login <user name> <password>

Specifies the user ID and password of the Export Tool 2 user. If this option is omitted, you are prompted to enter your user ID and password.

-proxy <IP address or host name> <port number> <user name> <password>

If the management client is connected to the storage system through a proxy server, this option specifies the proxy information (IP address [IPv4 or IPv6 format] or host name, port number, user name and password). If <user name> and <password> are omitted here, but <user name> and <password> are specified for the -login parameter, the proxy is used without authentication. If <user name> and <password> are omitted and the -login parameter is omitted, you are prompted to enter the user ID and password for the proxy server.

-cu <control unit number>

Specifies the CU numbers that you want to remove for which performance information is collected (in two-digit Hexadecimal numbers).

When removing multiple CUs, use commas to separate them. You can also specify a range of CU numbers by delimiting the start and end numbers with a colon (:) (for example, “00:09” for the range from 00 to 09). You can also mix both formats (for example, “00,02,04:09”).

The number of CU numbers that you can set differs depending on the sampling interval as described in set interval.

Specifies to run the command without displaying a message that prompts you as to whether to discard the accumulated data and continue the processing. If you use this parameter, the accumulated data is automatically deleted.


remove cu -ip -login User Pass -cu 00,01,05:0A -q
remove cu command success