Changing the clock and network settings

Storage Advisor Embedded User Guide

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Use the Initial Setup Wizard to change the system date, time, and network settings at a time. To change any of these settings separately, click Date & Time or Network Settings in the Administration tree of the maintenance utility.

  1. Log in to the maintenance utility.
  2. Click Initial Setup Wizard.
    The Set Up System Information window opens.
  3. Click Skip this step >.
  4. To change the system date and time:
    1. In the Set Up Date & Time window, change the settings for UTC Timezone and Use NTP Server.
      If you use an NTP server, in Synchronizing Time specify the time, in 24-hour format, when the storage system will synchronize time once a day by acquiring the UTC from the NTP server.
    2. Click Apply and Next..
  5. To change the network settings:
    1. In the Set Up Network Settings window, change the settings for Protocol, IPv4 Configuration, IPv6 Configuration, and Network Connection Mode.
    2. To add domains for DNS, click Option, and then in DNS Domain Name specify the names of the domains to be added.
    3. Click Apply.
    4. Click Close.