Management tools for system administration

System Administrator Guide for VSP E990 and VSP G130, G/F350, G/F370, G/F700, G/F900

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The storage systems support several management tools for system administration, including software that is embedded on the controllers of the storage system, software that is installed on the (optional) service processor (SVP) of the storage system, and software that is installed on a server connected to the storage system. These management tools are accessed from a management (SSH) client on the management LAN for the storage system.

Maintenance utility
The maintenance utility, which is embedded on the controllers, displays storage system information and allows you to perform basic configuration and administration tasks on the storage system, including initial setup (for example, date and time, network settings), user administration, software license management, and audit log settings. You can access and log in to the maintenance utility directly from the management client. In addition, you can access the maintenance utility by launching it from Hitachi Storage Advisor Embedded, Hitachi Device Manager - Storage Navigator, or Hitachi Ops Center Administrator.
Hitachi Storage Advisor Embedded (HSAE)
The HSAE software allows you to easily configure storage system resources such as volumes and pools and perform daily operations such as backing up data and monitoring. You can perform operations by using the HSAE web-based user interface or by using REST API, executed automatically as scripts or incorporated into business applications.
Embedded Command Control Interface (CCI)
The embedded CCI software, also on the controllers, enables you to perform storage system configuration and provisioning operations by issuing commands to the storage system. You can access embedded CCI from an SSH client on the management LAN. When the SSH client connects successfully, the CCI user session is created.
Hitachi Device Manager - Storage Navigator (HDvM - SN)
HDvM - SN runs on the service processor (SVP) for the storage system. HDvM - SN displays detailed information about the storage system and allows you to perform configuration, administration, and data management operations. You can log in to HDvM - SN directly from the management client, or you can access HDvM - SN by launching it from Hitachi Ops Center Administrator.
Command Control Interface (CCI)
CCI enables you to perform data management operations (replication, protection) as well as storage system configuration and provisioning operations by issuing commands directly to the storage system. CCI provides powerful command-line control and advanced functionality for your storage system. CCI commands can be used interactively or in scripts to automate and standardize storage administration functions.
Hitachi Ops Center Administrator
Ops Center Administrator reduces the complexity of managing storage systems by simplifying the setup, management, and maintenance of storage resources. Ops Center Administrator has intuitive graphical user interfaces and recommended configuration practices to streamline system configurations and storage management processes.
REST-based APIs extend operations, enabling integration with existing toolsets and automation templates to further simplify and consolidate management tasks. For details about API integration solutions, contact your Hitachi Vantara representative.