License key expiration

System Administrator Guide for VSP E990 and VSP G130, G/F350, G/F370, G/F700, G/F900

Part Number

If the license key for software-A expires, the license key for software-B is also disabled if software-B requires an enabled software-A. In this scenario, Installed (Disabled) is shown for software-B in the Status column of the License Keys table. After that, when you re-enable software-A, software-B is also re-enabled. If the Status column for software-B continues to display Installed (Disabled), go to the License Keys table and manually change the status of software-B back to Installed.

After your license key expires, no new configuration settings can be made, and no monitoring functions can be used with Performance Monitor. Configuration settings made before the expiration of the license key remain in effect. You can cancel configuration changes for some software.