Backing up and restoring the HDvM - SN configuration files

System Administrator Guide for VSP E990 and VSP G130, G/F350, G/F370, G/F700, G/F900

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The HDvM - SN configuration files for your storage system are stored on the SVP. You can maintain a current backup of these HDvM - SN configuration files, and then if the SVP needs to be replaced, you can restore the backed up HDvM - SN configuration files onto the new SVP.

Configuration items that are included in the backup

The following configuration information can be backed up and restored. Before you create backup files, ensure that these settings are correct.

  • HDvM - SN environment parameters
  • Authentication server connection settings
  • Key management server connection settings
  • Password policy for backing up the encryption keys on the management client
  • Display settings for each HDvM - SN user (customized table width)
  • HDvM - SN login warning messages
  • Settings for automatically deleting tasks from the HDvM - SN Tasks window
  • HDvM - SN task information
  • SMI-S application settings
  • SSL certification for HTTPS/SMI-S/RMI
  • Port numbers used on the SVP
  • RSA key exchange settings

Configuration items that are not included in the backup

The following table lists the configuration information that is not included in the backup and describes how to back up and restore each item.

Configuration information Action
Configuration reports for the storage system Download and then store the HDvM - SN configuration reports. For instructions, see Downloading and viewing the HDvM - SN configuration reports.
Settings for blocking HTTP communication to the SVP Reapply the settings. For instructions, see Blocking HTTP communication to the SVP.
Refresh time intervals for the HDvM - SN Tasks window The refresh time interval settings apply only to the user currently logged in. Users must reapply their settings for the refresh time interval.
Audit log files stored in the SVP Export and then store the audit log files. For instructions, see Exporting audit log files stored in the SVP.
Monitoring data stored by Performance Monitor Store the monitoring data. For details, see the Performance Guide.
CCI configuration information Store the CCI configuration definition files. For details, see the Command Control Interface Installation and Configuration Guide.