Accessing the storage system without management software

System Administrator Guide for VSP E990 and VSP G130, G/F350, G/F370, G/F700, G/F900

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You can use the administrator account created during the initial setup to use HDvM - SN temporarily to access the storage system. You can then perform critical storage management operations during a planned maintenance activity or an unexpected downtime on the management server.

  • You must have an administrator login account with permissions equal to or higher than Administrator User Group has. For information about creating user accounts, see Creating user accounts in this manual, and the Hardware Reference Guide for your system model.
  • For Hitachi Ops Center Administrator users, you must have an administrator login account with the require permissions to access the storage system without management software.
  • Adobe Flash Player must be configured on the client to use HDvM - SN.
Note: To obtain the administrator login information, contact customer support.
  1. Start a web browser.
  2. Enter the following URL:
    • For the VSP F350 and VSP G350 storage system, enter:
    https://IP-address-or-host-name-of-the-SVP/dev/storage/8820004XXXXX/ (where the model number is '8820004' and '4XXXXX' indicates the system serial number)
    • For VSP F370, VSP G370, VSP F700, VSP G700,VSP F900, and VSP G900 storage systems, enter:
    https://IP-address-or-host-name-of-the-SVP/dev/storage/8840004XXXXX/ (where the model number is '8840004' and '4XXXXX' indicates the system serial number)
  3. The following actions might be required to open the login dialog box, depending on your environment:
    • If a message indicates that the enhanced security configuration is enabled on the computer, select In the future, do not show this message and click OK.
    • If the SVP is set to support SSL-encrypted communication and security messages appear, make sure the certificate is correct and follow the instructions in the dialog box.
    • If a message indicates that certain web sites are blocked, make sure you have added the SVP to the trusted sites zone.
  4. Enter a user ID and password for the account.
  5. Click Log In.
  6. If the Security Information dialog box appears, click Yes.
  7. If an Adobe Flash Player local storage area pop-up dialog box appears, click Allow to open the Device Manager - Storage Navigator main window.
    The cache function of Adobe Flash Player optimizes the process of Device Manager - Storage Navigator. Denial of the request might reduce processing speed.
    Note: If the login process fails three times with the same user ID, Device Manager - Storage Navigator will stop responding for one minute. This is for security purposes and is not a system failure. Wait, and then try again.