Restoring snapshots

Storage Advisor Embedded Guide

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In the event of data corruption, you can use the snapshots created in advance, to restore the data of a particular volume to a specific point in time.

  1. In the dashboard or in the navigation bar, click Servers. If you are not using Storage Advisor Embedded to manage servers, click Volumes in the dashboard or in the navigation bar, and then skip to step 3.
  2. Click the server name to open the server details page.
  3. Click the volume name to open the volume details page.
  4. On the Snapshots, display the inventory of snapshots, select the snapshot with date and time to restore, and then click (Restore from Snapshot).

The data is restored back to its state at the date and time when the snapshot was created.

You can check whether a volume is being restored by referring to the inventory of snapshots. When processing to restore a volume is complete, the status In Sync is displayed.