Creating volumes by using Snap Clone

Storage Advisor Embedded Guide

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Using Snap Clone, you can create clone of volumes for software testing or development and data protection operations.

  • Be sure to select a pool that has a sufficient amount of free space. The snapshots, including those that already exist, might become unusable if the pool's usage rate exceeds the depletion threshold value.
  • You can not use a tiered pool for creating clone of volumes.
  1. In the dashboard or in the navigation bar, click Servers. If you are not using Storage Advisor Embedded to manage servers, click Volumes in the dashboard or in the navigation bar, and then skip to step 3.
  2. Click the server name to open the details page.
  3. Select one or more volumes and click (Create Volumes by Snap Clone).
  4. Specify the required information and then execute Snap Clone.

When the Snap Clone processing finishes, the volume is no longer displayed in the inventory of snapshots. The volumes created by Snap Clone are displayed in the inventory of volumes and can be used as normal volumes.

Volume names in the following format are automatically assigned to the created volumes: "Clone of ID: ID-of-volume-created-from-snapshot".