Creating snapshots on a regular basis using the REST API

Storage Advisor Embedded Guide

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You can create snapshots by using the REST API to back up the data in operation.

You can create snapshots on a regular basis by creating scripts and using those scripts in your operation.

Identify the following items:

  • Volume ID
  • Snapshot group name
  • Pool ID

    Specify the pool in which to store differential data.

  • Be sure to select a pool that has a sufficient amount of free space. The snapshots, including those that already exist, might become unusable if the pool's usage rate exceeds the depletion threshold value.
  • Differential data cannot be stored in a tiered pool.
Use the REST API to create snapshots. Specify Snapshot as the snapshot type.
Request line
POST base-URL/simple/v1/objects/snapshots

For details, see the description of how to create snapshots by using the API.

The created snapshots are displayed in the inventory of snapshots.