Creating and mapping snapshots using the REST API

Storage Advisor Embedded Guide

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You can create and map snapshots by using the REST API to prepare volumes to use on other servers.

After you create and map a snapshot, you can use the snapshot as a volume to create by using Snap Clone.

Identify the following items:

  • Volume ID
  • Snapshot group name
  • Pool ID

    Specify the pool in which to store differential data.


Differential data cannot be stored in a tiered pool.

Use the REST API to create and map a snapshot. Specify Mapped Snapshot as the snapshot type.
Request line
POST base-URL/simple/v1/objects/snapshots

For details, see the description of how to create snapshots by using the API.

The newly created snapshots and their associated volume IDs are displayed in the snapshot inventory. The created snapshots are also displayed in the inventory of volumes and can be used as volumes to create by using Snap Clone.

Volume names in the following format are automatically assigned to the created volumes: "Snapshot of ID: ID-of-volume-created-from-snapshot".