Setting the alert notification

Storage Advisor Embedded Guide

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You can send SIMs (Service Information Messages) to the administrator by using emails, syslog outputs, and SNMP traps.

SIMs are messages that are generated when the controller of the storage system detects an error or requests a service. Messages may be output from channels, ports, or microprocessors of the storage system. They indicate maintenance required for the storage system and identify actions to take when a failure occurs.

  • Identify the SIM associated with the alert notification.
  • For email notifications:
    • Make sure port 25 of the SMTP mail server is free.
    • Identify the mail server information and the email addresses of the sender and receivers.
  • For syslog output:
    • Make sure the port used for forwarding messages to the syslog server is free.
    • Identify the syslog server information and the settings for communicating with the syslog server.
  • For SNMP notifications:
    • Make sure the SNMP manager to which notifications are sent has been configured.
    • Identify the information for sending and receiving SNMP traps.

For details about the SIM to which the alert notification applies, see the SIM Reference Guide for your storage system.

  1. In the navigation bar, click (Settings), and then select Alert Notifications.
  2. In the maintenance utility, click Set Up.
  3. Click the tab for the desired notification method (Email, Syslog, or SNMP), specify the required information and selections, and then click Apply.

    You can specify multiple notification methods.

    For details about the SNMP trap configuration and supported MIB specifications, see the SNMP Agent User Guide.

  4. To verify that the notification settings are correct, send a test notification by using the notification method that was set.
  5. In the maintenance utility, click Log Out.