Creating volumes and attaching them to a server

Storage Advisor Embedded Guide

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Storage Advisor Embedded allows you to create volumes and attach them to servers in a single workflow or one at a time. By enabling the capacity saving (deduplication and compression) when creating volumes, you can reduce the amount of data stored, depending on the data type.

  • Ensure that a pool is available.

    If you want to enable the capacity saving for the volumes that you are creating, you cannot use a tiered pool.

  • Obtain the following items:
    • Server name
    • Pool name
    • Capacity
    • Number of volumes
    • Volume name

If a host group (or iSCSI target) that was assigned to a virtual storage machine by using another management tool has been added to a server, you cannot attach volumes to the server.

  1. In the dashboard or in the navigation bar, click Servers.
  2. Select one or more servers and click , and then select Create and Attach Volumes.
  3. Create volumes by specifying the required information, and then click Submit to attach those volumes to the server.

    For the name of a volume, specify a name that is a combination of Volume Name and a number beginning with Suffix Start Number (optional).

    For example, if you specify "volume" for Volume Name, "7" for Suffix Start Number, and "2" for Number of Digits, the volume name will be "volume07".