Workflow for configuring storage resources

Storage Advisor Embedded Guide

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Prepare the storage capacity of a storage system to use as volumes. To attach the volumes, register servers to manage with Storage Advisor Embedded and configure connection information for the port on the storage system, as shown in the following figure.

  • "Registering a server" and "Setting port connections for server" are enabled if the servers are managed by Storage Advisor Embedded.
  • You can also add and delete WWNs or iSCSI initiator names after registering servers.
When using the REST API:
The following REST APIs can be executed to automate the operations:
  • Setting up a spare drive
  • Creating a pool
  • Changing pool settings
  • Creating a volume
  • Registering a server
  • Adding path information to a server
  • Changing the settings of an iSCSI target
  • Adding information about the WWN of an HBA (iSCSI name)
  • Deleting information about the WWN (iSCSI name) of an HBA from a server