Setting port connections for a server

Storage Advisor Embedded Guide

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You can set information for connecting the server port and storage system port.

  • The server must be registered in Storage Advisor Embedded.
  • Identify the following items:
    • Server name
    • WWN or iSCSI initiator name
    • Storage system port ID
  1. In the dashboard or in the navigation bar, click Servers.
  2. Select one or more servers and click (Configure Port Connections).
  3. Click the WWN or iSCSI initiator name of the server and the storage system port ID to set a port connection.

    After you configure paths to a server to which volumes are already allocated, the following warning message might be temporarily displayed in the server details window. If this message does not disappear after a while, refresh the window.

    Port connections for volume allocation are partially configured. To expose volumes to the server, configure port connections.