Creating a pool

Storage Advisor Embedded Guide

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You can create a pool by specifying drives.

Pools for thin provisioning are virtual areas in a storage system that are associated with multiple drives. Thin provisioning provides virtual volumes to a server and uses the actual capacity from a pool when a server makes a write request.

For VSP E series storage systems, you can encrypt pools.

If you create a pool in Storage Advisor Embedded, a recommended configuration is displayed from among the various different configurations supported by the storage system. This configuration consists of the combination of drives that allows drive space to be used most effectively.

Using the Dynamic Tiering license, you can create tiered pools by specifying drives that have different drive types, drive interface, or drive speeds. The tiers are arranged by performance, and data is automatically stored in optimum tiers.


If the usage exceed the depletion threshold set on the pool which is used to store differential-data snapshots, all of the snapshots may become unusable. If that happens, all of the snapshots may become unusable. You can change the depletion threshold by editing the pool.

  • Make sure that a drive that is configured in the storage system is available.
  • Identify the pool name.

    To specify the configuration of the pool being created, also obtain the following information:

    • Drive information (drive type, drive interface, drive speed, and capacity)
    • RAID level
    • Number of drives to use
  1. In the navigation bar, click Pools.
  2. Click the plus sign (+).
  3. Enter the Pool Name. To accept the recommended configuration, click Submit to create a pool.

    To specify the pool configuration, change the number of drives. To specify a different RAID configuration, select the RAID level and specify the number of usable drives. Next, click Check to check the available combinations, and then click Submit.