Disabling the quorum disk settings and deleting the corresponding external volume

Storage Advisor Embedded Guide

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If you decide against using the global-active device environment, disable the settings of the quorum disk that is no longer required for the two storage systems for which global-active device is used. Delete the external volume used as the quorum disk if it is no longer required.

Identify the external volume name of the quorum disk for which you want to disable settings.

  1. In the navigation bar, click Others > External Volumes.
  2. Select one or more volumes used as the quorum disk whose settings you want to disable, and then click (Remove Quorum Disk Setting).
  3. Make sure that the target volumes are correct, and then click Submit.
  4. To delete external volumes, select one or more external volumes, and click (Delete External Volume).
  5. Make sure that the target external volume is correct, select either Delete with Destaging or Delete without Destaging, and then click Submit.

    If you select Delete with Destaging, the processing to write data stored in cache memory to the external volume (destage processing) is performed, and after the connection is disabled, the external volume is deleted. If you select Delete without Destaging, the destage processing is not performed, and the external volume is forcibly deleted.