Adding external paths to a quorum disk

Storage Advisor Embedded Guide

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To configure redundant paths to a quorum disk, add external paths to the quorum disk.

  • Ensure that an external volume has been created, and that a quorum disk has been configured.
  • Ensure that the two storage systems that make up the global-active device environment and the external storage system in which the quorum disk is configured are connected by physical paths.
  • Ensure that the quorum disk is assigned a port on each of the two storage systems that make up the global-active device environment.
  • If you want to use iSCSI to connect with the external storage system, make sure that external iSCSI targets have already been registered.
  • Identify the following items:
    • The port to use for external connection
    • The port information for the external storage system that is connected with a port for external connections:
      • When using Fibre Channel for the protocol you can specify WWN
      • When using iSCSI for the protocol you can specify iSCSI target name and IP address
  1. In the navigation bar, click Others > External Volumes.
  2. Click (Add External Paths) for the external volume to which you want to add a path.
  3. Select the port for external connection, and then click Next.
  4. Select the external path to use, and then click Submit.
  5. Click the volume name of the quorum disk to which you added an external path. On the volume details page, verify the external path you added.
    If other external volumes are included in the same path group, external paths are also added to those volumes. To check information about volumes other than those for which you performed the operation, refresh the list of external volumes.