Performing a login test to the external iSCSI targets

Storage Advisor Embedded Guide

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You can perform a communication test for an external path by performing a login test for an iSCSI target on an external storage system.


If the login test fails, revise the settings of the iSCSI target so that you can log in, or delete the iSCSI target. If any iSCSI targets to which you cannot log in are registered, an attempt is made to connect to these iSCSI targets when you access an external volume, and load is applied to the storage system or network. This might cause operations to fail.

  • The external iSCSI targets must be registered.
  • Check the iSCSI port to use for external connections.
  • Check the following information about the external storage system containing the volume to use for the quorum disk.
    • Name of the iSCSI target
    • IP address
  1. From the navigation bar, select Others > External Volumes.
  2. Click (External iSCSI Targets).
  3. Select the iSCSI port (local port) for external connections.
  4. Select one or more external iSCSI targets and click (Login Test).

    It might take up to 1 minute to complete the login test for one external iSCSI target.