Other errors

System Administrator Guide for VSP E990 and VSP G130, G/F350, G/F370, G/F700, G/F900

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The following table lists other errors that might occur in Device Manager - Storage Navigator (HDvM - SN) and Tool Panel utlities.

Error condition Probable cause / Recommended action
  • Error about insufficient capacity when creating an LDEV with sufficient capacity.
  • Operation error about an LDEV that does not exist when creating a pair for an LDEV that does exist.
Configuration information displayed in HDvM - SN and controller configuration information might not match.

Click File > Refresh All in the Device Manager - Storage Navigator main window to reload configuration information.

If the problem persists, contact customer support.

The software on the SVP is upgraded or downgraded. Close all HDvM - SN windows, and then clear the browser cache. Even when you are not sure that the software on the SVP is upgraded or downgraded, clear the browser cache.
HDvM - SN processing is temporarily delayed. Internal processing (such as, configuration change, P.P. check, or operational information acquisition) might be running on the SVP.
HDvM - SN processing is delayed. If you use HDvM - SN in a brwoser, the local storage value for Adobe Flash Player might have decreased. Follow these steps:
  1. Right-click on the HDvM - SN main window and click Settings to open the Adobe Flash Player Settings window.
  2. In the local storage settings, move the slider until Unlimited appears and then click Close.
  3. Close HDvM - SN.
  4. Restart HDvM - SN.
  5. If the local storage confirmation dialog box appears, click Allow.
  6. If this problem persists, there might be a problem with the SVP performances. Contact customer support.
Installing of signed SSL certificate fails. The passphrase for the SSL certificate might be set. Release the passphrase. If needed, see Releasing an SSL certificate passphrase.
An error (0002-009000) occurs while you are using HDvM - SN. Another management client might be changing the HDvM - SN settings. Close all windows, check that maintenance personnel are not using the storage system, and then log in to HDvM - SN again.

If other than above, restart the SVP, and then log in to HDvM - SN again.

In the Operation Lock Properties window, Locked is displayed for system lock status and Unlocked is displayed for resource group status. Restart the SVP then log in to HDvM - SN again.
Failed in the certification of the user. appears when you create a configuration report of a storage system and try to view it in a browser. Close the tab of the configuration report or the window, and then open it again.

If the problem cannot be solved, address mismatch of SSL certificates between the SVP and the management client might have occurred. To reconfigure SSL communication, see Setting up SSL communications.

Otherwise, you can display the configuration report by logging in to HDvM - SN using HTTP.

Note that you cannot connect HDvM - SN that operates on Adobe AIR by using HTTP (Only HTTPS connection is available).

HDvM - SN operation is slow, although the requirements for the SVP are satisfied. Verify that no anti-virus software runs on the SVP.
You cannot resolve an error condition. Do the following, and then contact the customer support.
  1. Log in to the SVP.

    In the SVP, use the dump tool to copy the HDvM - SN detailed dump files onto recording media.

  2. Obtain the Java log and trace files (only when using the HDvM - SN secondary window).
  3. Obtain the Java log and trace files (only when using the HDvM - SN secondary window).

    When using Web Console Launcher, collect the log in <installation-directory-for-Web-Console-Launcher>\WCLauncher\log.