Roles and permissions

System Administrator Guide for VSP E990 and VSP G130, G/F350, G/F370, G/F700, G/F900

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The following table shows all the roles that are available for use and the permissions that each role provides to the users. You cannot create a custom role.

Note: The Support Personnel group and the Support Personnel (Vendor Only) role contain permissions to perform maintenance. Assign this role only to the accounts used by support personnel from vendors responsible for maintenance.



Security Administrator (View Only)

  • Viewing information about user accounts and encryption settings
  • Viewing information about the encryption key in the key SVP
  • Viewing information about the external authentication by the maintenance utility

Security Administrator (View & Modify)

  • Configuring user accounts
  • Creating encryption keys and configuring encryption settings
  • Viewing and switching where encryption keys are generated
  • Backing up and restoring encryption keys
  • Deleting encryption keys backed up in the key SVP
  • Viewing and changing the password policy for backing up encryption keys on the management client
  • Connection to the external server
  • Backing up and restoring connection configuration to the external server
  • Configuring the certificate used for the SSL communication
  • Configuring the fibre channel authentication (FC-SP)
  • Configuring resource groups
  • Editing virtual management settings
  • Setting reserved attributes for global-active device
  • Configuring external authentication by the maintenance utility

Audit Log Administrator (View Only)

  • Viewing audit log information and downloading audit logs

Audit Log Administrator (View & Modify)

  • Configuring audit log settings and downloading audit logs

Storage Administrator (View Only)

  • Viewing storage system information

Storage Administrator (Initial Configuration)

  • Configuring settings for storage systems
  • Configuring settings for SNMP
  • Configuring settings for e-mail notification
  • Configuring settings for license keys
  • Viewing, deleting, and downloading storage configuration reports
  • Acquiring all the information about the storage system and updating Device Manager - Storage Navigator window by clicking Refresh All

Storage Administrator (System Resource Management)

  • Configuring settings for CLPR
  • Configuring settings for MP unit
  • Deleting tasks and releasing exclusive locks of resources
  • Configuring LUN security
  • Configuring Server Priority Manager
  • Configuring tiering policies

Storage Administrator (Provisioning)

  • Configuring caches
  • Configuring volumes, pools, and virtual volumes
  • Formatting and shredding volumes
  • Configuring external volumes
  • Configuring Dynamic Provisioning
  • Configuring host groups, paths, and WWN
  • Configuring Volume Migration except splitting Volume Migration pairs when using CCI
  • Configuring access attributes for volumes
  • Configuring LUN security
  • Creating and deleting quorum disk used with global-active device
  • Creating and deleting global-active device pairs
  • Editing virtual management settings
  • Setting reserved attributes for global-active device.

Storage Administrator (Performance Management)

  • Configuring monitoring
  • Starting and stopping monitoring

Storage Administrator (Local Copy)

  • Performing pair operations for local copy
  • Configuring environmental settings for local copy
  • Splitting Volume Migration pairs when using CCI

Storage Administrator (Remote Copy)

  • Remote copy operations in general
  • Operating global-active device pairs (except for creation and deletion)

Support Personnel (Vendor Only)

Configuring the SVP
  • Normally, this role is for service representatives.

Support Personnel (User)

  • Viewing storage system status
  • Installing OS security patches
  • Updating operating systems
  • Performing basic maintenance
  1. Completing SIMs is permitted for users who are assigned to both the Storage Administrator (System Resource Management) role and Storage Administrator (Provisioning) role.
  2. Normally, the Support Personnel role is reserved for service representatives. However, if the role is assigned to a user account, dump files can be downloaded using the Dump tool.