User administration overview

System Administrator Guide for VSP E990 and VSP G130, G/F350, G/F370, G/F700, G/F900

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Device Manager - Storage Navigator provides a rich set of user administration, roles and permissions, and access control features. Administrators can manage users by groups and set up access control by defining who can access what storage resources .

The storage system also provides some basic user management capabilities, such as create, modify, and delete users without using SVP or Device Manager - Storage Navigator. For more information, see Managing users using the maintenance utility.

You can create and manage users locally or configure Device Manager - Storage Navigator to authenticate storage users with an existing authentication server, such as LDAP. For more information, see Setting up authentication and authorization with Device Manager - Storage Navigator.

Note: If you don't create user accounts in the maintenance utility, use the authentication server to allocate user groups to users by configuring the same user group name between the storage system and the authentication server. If you create user accounts in the maintenance utility, users can be authenticated by the authentication server, but user groups are allocated to users based on the configuration in the maintenance utility.