Licenses window

System Administrator Guide for VSP E990 and VSP G130, G/F350, G/F370, G/F700, G/F900

Part Number

Use the Licenses window to install and uninstall license keys.


The following table describes the fields and settings in the Summary section of the Licenses window.



Number of Software Licenses

Number of software products installed in the client.

License Keys

The following table describes the fields and settings in the License Keys section of the License Keys window.



Program Product name

Name of the software application


The current status of the software

  • Installed: The software is available.
  • Installed (Disabled): Installation is complete, but the license is set to Disabled. This status might appear if an error occurs after you install software. Resolve the error and enable the license. This status also appears when the license key of this software is installed but the license key of the prerequisite software has expired.
  • Not Installed: The software is not installed.
  • Not Enough License: Installation is complete, but the license capacity is insufficient.
  • Grace Period: The licensed capacity is insufficient because LDEVs are added, or copy pairs are created, or pool volumes are added. The license expires in 30 days. Please purchase the licenses before the license key expires.
  • Expired: The term has already expired for the temporary key. When the status is Expired, you cannot re-install the temporary key.

Key Type

The license key type:

  • Permanent
  • Term
  • Temporary
  • Emergency

This field is blank if no license key is installed.

License Capacity (TB)

  • Permitted: The window displays the permitted volume capacity for this software in integers. If no upper limit value is set for the capacity, "Unlimited" displays. This field is blank if no license is installed.
  • Used: This is the capacity of the volumes used by the software. Up to the second decimal place is displayed. The third decimal place is rounded up. If the license capacity type is other than Used, a hyphen (-) displays. If no license isL installed, a blank displays.

Licensed capacity displayed is found from calculations based on the following:

1 KB= 1,024 bytes, 1 MB = 1,024 KB, 1 GB = 1,024 MB, 1 TB= 1,024 GB

Term (Days)

The number of days remaining before the expiration of a temporary key, an emergency key, or a term key. After the temporary key has expired, the column shows the number of days that remain before you can reinstall the temporary key. If there is no limit on validity, a hyphen (-) displays. This field is blank if no license is installed.


Opens the Install Licenses window


Opens the Enable Licenses window


Opens the Disable Licenses window


Opens the Remove Licenses window