Setting the SMI-S function

System Administrator Guide for VSP E990 and VSP G130, G/F350, G/F370, G/F700, G/F900

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VSP E990, (SVP microcode version 93-02-00-xx/00 or later), VSP Gx00 models, and VSP Fx00 models storage systems support the SMI-S function developed by SNIA. Administrators can use the SMI-S function by using SMI-S compliant management software.

If you cannot access the SMI-S function, check the network environment and access destination. If access cannot be made even though there is no problem with the network environment and access destination, contact our company.

For VSP E990 (SVP version 93-02-00-xx/00 or later) and VSP Gx00 models and VSP Fx00 models (SVP version 88-03-01-xx/00 or later), use TLS 1.2.

Note: If SMI-S certificate is expired, upload a new signed certificate to the SMI-S provider.