Restoring HDvM - SN configuration files

System Administrator Guide for VSP E990 and VSP G130, G/F350, G/F370, G/F700, G/F900

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You can use a saved copy of a configuration file to restore the active configuration file if it becomes necessary, or to configure a replacement SVP if one fails.
  • The storage systems registered in the SVP you backed up are registered in a new SVP.
  • The services on the storage system are stopped.
  • The SVP is configured so that the service does not start automatically when starting the system.
  1. Copy the backup file to any folder in the SVP.
  2. Open a command prompt window with administrator permissions.
  3. In the folder where the .bat file is located, enter
    C:\MAPP\wk\Supervisor\MappIniSet>MappRestore.bat absolute-path-of-backup-file
    • The backup file must be in .tgz format.
    • A space is required between MappRestore.bat and the path to the backup file.
  4. A completion message displays.
  5. Type a key to close the message, and then close the command prompt.
  6. Reboot the SVP. It takes about 10 minutes to complete the startup process.