Obtaining drive box and drive numbers

SIM Reference Guide for VSP E Series, and VSP G130, G/F350, G/F370, G/F700, G/F900

Part Number

For certain SIM reference codes, the last three digits of a reference code (in hexadecimal) can be converted to the number of the drive box and drive where the error occurred.

  1. Convert the last three digits of a reference code from hexadecimal to decimal.
    For example, A9E in hexadecimal is 2,718 in decimal.
  2. Divide the the number in step 1 by 64. The quotient is the drive box number and the remainder is the drive number.
    For example, 2,718 / 64 = 42 with a remainder of 30. Therefore, The drive box number is 42 and the drive number is 30.


The following table provides examples of trap reference codes and their corresponding drive box and drive numbers.
Hexadecimal trap value Decimal value Decimal value / 64 Drive box number Drive number
Quotient Remainder
A9E 2,718 42 30 DB-42 HDD42-30
436 1,078 16 54 DB-16 HDD16-54
BFB 3,067 47 59 DB-47 HDD47-59