Query parameters

REST API Reference Guide for Virtual Storage Platform 5000, Virtual Storage Platform E Series, and Virtual Storage Platform G/F Series

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If the GET method is used to obtain an object, query parameters can be specified to filter the execution results based on specific conditions.

Query parameters can be specified at the end of the URL in the following format:


To specify multiple parameters, concatenate them by using ampersands (&). Multiple parameters are specified in the following example:


For details on parameters that can be specified for queries, see the section describing the specific API request.

Parameters are case sensitive. If you specify a parameter other than those that can be specified for each API, the invalid parameter is ignored, and only the valid parameters are used to filter the execution results.

If a parameter value contains a reserved character defined in RFC 3986, specify an encoded character string. For details about the reserved characters defined in RFC 3986, see the section describing how to specify an object ID.

If you specify an IP address for a parameter value, you cannot use an IPv4-mapped address.


When you obtain an object by specifying query parameters, if the storage management software or another REST API client is performing a configuration-change operation on the object, you might not be able to obtain the correct information. To obtain the correct information, be sure to obtain a lock before obtaining the object.