Action template object

REST API Reference Guide for Virtual Storage Platform 5000, Virtual Storage Platform E Series, and Virtual Storage Platform G/F Series

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An action template object is a template of request bodies that are required to run actions. Get action template objects by using the GET method. Specify values in the template according to the action that you want to run. Specify the request body, and then run the action.

The following table shows the schema of the action template object.


Data type




Parameters required for the operation

The following shows the action template for expanding the volume capacity, as an example of an action template object:

  "parameters": {
    "additionalBlockCapacity": null

In an action template, the attributes that must be specified to run an action are written beforehand. For the values, null or [] is set to indicate that the values are unspecified. Specify a value for these attributes. In the preceding example, the two attributes used to specify the amount of the capacity to be added to a volume are written.

In the following example, values are specified in the collected action template:

  "parameters": {
    "additionalBlockCapacity": 500

In the request body, specify an action template in which unnecessary attribute lines have been deleted and attribute values have been set for the remaining necessary attribute lines, and then run the action.