Overview of ShadowImage

REST API Reference Guide for Virtual Storage Platform 5000, Virtual Storage Platform E Series, and Virtual Storage Platform G/F Series

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ShadowImage creates a copy of a data volume in the same storage system as the copy source.

You can create a ShadowImage pair or manage the pair status by issuing an API from a REST API client. You can also operate ShadowImage pairs in units of copy groups. In addition, if you define a consistency group, the pair statuses of all pairs in the group are transited at the same time.

A ShadowImage pair consists of a primary volume (P-VOL) and a secondary volume (S-VOL). The primary volume can be paired with more than one secondary volume. Each secondary volume is managed according to the MU (mirror unit) number.

For details about ShadowImage, see the Hitachi ShadowImage® User Guide.