Power on procedures

Virtual Storage Platform 5000 Series Hardware Guide

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Note: The control panel includes a safety feature to prevent the storage system power from being turned on or off accidentally. The PS ON/OFF switch does not work unless the ENABLE switch is moved to and held in ENABLE while the power switch is moved to ON or OFF.
  1. On the control panel, check the amber BS LED and make sure it is lit. It indicates that the storage system is in idle mode.
  2. In the PS area on the control panel, move the ENABLE switch to the ENABLE position and hold it there. While holding the switch in the ENABLE position, move the PS ON/OFF switch to ON. Then release both switches.
  3. Wait for the storage system to complete its power-on self-test and start processes. Depending on the storage system configuration, this can take several minutes.
    The storage system does not go to the READY state until the cache backup batteries are charged to at least 50%. The process can take 90 minutes if the batteries are completely discharged. The storage system generates a SIM that provides the status of the battery charge. See Cache backup batteries for information about the batteries.
  4. When the system self-test is complete and all components are operating normally, the green READY LED turns ON and the storage system is ready for use.
    If the ALARM LED is also ON, or if the READY LED is not ON after 20 minutes, contact customer support for assistance.