Power off procedures

Virtual Storage Platform 5000 Series Hardware Guide

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Follow this procedure exactly when powering off the storage system.

Except in an emergency, do not turn off the PDU breakers before turning off the power to the system. The system reacts as a power failure occurred and uses the cache backup batteries to keep the cache active until the data in the cache is transferred to the cache backup flash memory. When the cache backup batteries discharge power, the power-on time can be prolonged by the amount of charge remaining in the batteries. Fully discharged batteries take 90 minutes to charge.
Note: The control panel includes a safety feature to prevent the storage system power from being turned on or off accidentally. The PS power ON/OFF switch does not work unless the ENABLE switch is moved to and held in ENABLE while the power switch is moved to ON or OFF.
  • Confirm all maintenance and software-specific shutdown procedures have been completed.
  • Verify all I/O activity to the storage system has stopped. You can vary paths offline and shut down the attached hosts.
  1. In the PS area on the control panel, move the ENABLE switch to the ENABLED and hold it there. While holding the switch in ENABLED, move the PS ON/OFF switch to OFF. Then release both switches.
  2. Wait for the storage system to complete its shutdown routines. Depending on the storage system configuration and certain MODE settings, you can wait 20 minutes for the storage system to copy data from the cache to the cache flash drives and for the disk drives to spin down.
    If the READY and PS LEDs do not turn OFF after 20 minutes, contact customer support for assistance.