Virtual Storage Platform 5000 Series Hardware Guide

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The Virtual Storage Platform 5000 series (VSP 5000 series) storage systems are high-performance, large-capacity, enterprise RAID storage systems that reliably deliver more data faster than ever for open-systems and mainframe applications. VSP 5000 series features all-flash and hybrid models that can scale up in capacity and also scale out for performance, allowing for massive consolidation of workloads for cost savings and providing unparalleled performance, efficiency, and reliability with response times as low as 39 μs. These enterprise-level storage systems are available in configurations with up to 69 PB of raw capacity and with scalability to handle up to 33 million IOPS.

Key features

  • Agility and scalability
    VSP 5100 and VSP 5200 all-flash arrays (AFAs) are scale-up enterprise storage platforms with one pair of controller nodes supporting open and mainframe workloads. VSP 5500 and VSP 5600 AFAs start with a single node pair and can scale out to three node pairs. All of these models are also available as hybrid arrays (VSP 5100H, VSP 5200H, VSP 5500H, VSP 5600H) that support the following drive types:
    • NVMe SCM
    • NVMe SSD
    • SAS SSD
    • SAS FMD (available only when upgrading to VSP 5600)
    • SAS HDD
    Note: The VSP 5100 and VSP 5200 models support either SAS or NVMe configurations, while VSP 5500 and VSP 5600 support mixed SAS and NVMe backend configurations.
  • All-flash performance accelerated by NVMe technology
    NVMe drives provide high throughput and low latency to achieve high response performance, enabling large volumes of data to be processed rapidly with response times as low as 39 microseconds. NVMe storage class memory (SCM) drives provide significantly quicker access to data, up to 10 times faster than flash drives, and are more durable than flash drives.
  • Reliability and resiliency
    Leveraging hot-swappable components, nondisruptive maintenance and upgrades, and outstanding data protection, VSP 5000 series offers complete system redundancy and is backed by a 100% data availability guarantee. The active-active controller architecture of VSP 5000 series protects against local faults and performance issues, and hardware redundancy eliminates all active single points of failure, no matter how unlikely, to provide the highest level of reliability and data availability.