Component list

Virtual Storage Platform 5000 Series Hardware Guide

Part Number

The following table lists the components number for each storage system model.


VSP 5000 series component number

Primary controller chassis DKC910I-CBX
Primary controller chassis DKC910I-CBXCL
Secondary controller chassis DKC-F910I-CBX2
Secondary controller chassis DKC-F910I-CBXCL2
SFF Drive Chassis DKC-F910I-SBX
SFF Drive Chassis Encrypted DKC-F910I-SBXE
LFF Drive Chassis DKC-F910I-UBX
LFF Drive Chassis Encrypted DKC-F910I-UBXE
FMD Drive Chassis DKC-F910I-FBX
NVMe Drive Chassis DKC-F910I-NBX
NVMe Drive Chassis Encrypted DKC-F910I-NBXE
Controller Chassis Bezel DKC-F910I-CBLFB
Drive Chassis Bezel DKC-F910I-DBFB
Flash Module Bezel DKC-F910I-FBFB
HSN Chassis Bezel DKC-F910I-HSNFB
Controller Chassis Bezel DKC-F910I-CBLFBA
Drive Chassis Bezel DKC-F910I-DBFBA
Flash Module Bezel DKC-F910I-FBFBA
HSN Chassis Bezel DKC-F910I-HSNFBA
Additional RAID Controller Kit DKC-F910I-CTL
Additional RAID Controller Kit DKC-F910I-CTLCL
RAID Controller Upgrade Kit DKC-F910I-CTLUG
Compression Accelerator Fan Module DKC-F910I-ACLF
Power Supply Unit DKC-F910I-CBPSU
Additional Service Processor DKC-F910I-SVP
Additional Hub DKC-F910I-HUB
Operation Panel Kit DKC-F910I-OPPNL
Fan Module DKC-F910I-FANM
Mainframe Fibre 4-port 16Gbps Host Adapter for Shortwave DKC-F910I-4MS16
Mainframe Fibre 4-port 16Gbps Host Adapter for Longwave DKC-F910I-4ML16
Fibre 4-port 32Gbps Ready Host Adapter DKC-F910I-4HF32R
iSCSi 2-port 10Gbps Host Adapter DKC-F910I-2HS10S
SFP for 16Gbps Longwave DKC-F810I-1PL16
SFP for 16Gbps Shortwave DKC-F810I-1PS16
SFP for 32Gbps Longwave DKC-F810I-1PL32
SFP for 32Gbps Shortwave DKC-F810I-1PS32
Disk Adapter DKC-F910I-BS12G
Encryption Disk Adapter DKC-F910I-BS12GE
NVMe Disk Adapter DKC-F910I-BN8G
Cache Memory 32GB DW-F850-CM32G
Cache Memory 64GB DW-F850-CM64G
Cache Memory 64GB DW-F850-CM64GL
Cache Flash Memory 45 DKC-F910I-BM45
Cache Flash Memory 45 with encryption DKC-F910I-BM4E
Cache Flash Memory 95 DKC-F910I-BM95
Cache Flash Memory 95 with encryption DKC-F910I-BM9E
Controller Chassis Rail DKC-F910I-3RBKT
Controller Chassis Rail DKC-F910I-3RBKT2
HSN Chassis Rail 3292455-001
Chassis fixation bracket for CBXA/CBX DKC-F910I-3RBKT
Chassis fixation bracket for CBXB/CBX2 DKC-F910I-3RBKT2
Drive Chassis Rail A3BF-HK-GL-740-1-S.P
NVMe Chassis Rail A3BF-HK-GL-740-1-S.P
Drive Chassis Rail for FBX A3BF-HK-GL-740-1-S.P
PCIe Cable set for CBXA in primary CBX-Pair DKC-F910I-MCC1
PCIe Cable set for CBXB in primary CBX-Pair DKC-F910I-MCC2
PCIe Cable set for primary module CBX DKC-F910I-MCC60
PCIe Cable set for primary module CBX2 DKC-F910I-MCC45
Safety Cover for empty CTL slot DKC-F910I-SCFC
PCIe Cable 5m DKC-F910I-MFC5
PCIe Optical Module DKC-F910I-PQSFP
SAS Optical Module DKC-F910I-SQSFP
Optical Cable 10m DKC-F910I-MPC10
Optical Cable 20m DKC-F910I-MPC20
Optical Cable 30m DKC-F910I-MPC30
Optical Cable 100m DKC-F910I-MPC1H
SAS Cable set for Disk Adapter DKC-F910I-SCCS
SAS Cable 1m DKC-F910I -SCQ1
SAS Cable 1.5m DKC-F910I -SCQ1F
SAS Cable 5m DKC-F910I-SCQ5A
NVMe Cable set for Disk Adapter DKC-F910I-NCCS
RJ45 bundled LAN Cable Kit DKC-F910I-LC
RJ45 Cable 0.6m DKC-F910I-LC06
RJ45 Cable 5m DKC-F910I-LC5
RJ45 Cable 10m DKC-F910I-LC10
RJ45 Cable 20m DKC-F910I-LC20
RJ45 Cable 30m DKC-F910I-LC30
RJ45 Cable 100m DKC-F910I-LC1J
HDD Canister (SAS 2.4TB) DKC-F810I-2R4JGM
HDD Canister (SAS 14TB) DKC-F810I-14RH9M
HDD Canister (SAS 18TB) DKC-F810I-18RH9M
SSD Canister (960GB) DKC-F810I-960MGM
SSD Canister (1.9TB) DKC-F810I-1T9MGM
SSD Canister (3.8TB) DKC-F810I-3R8MGM
SSD Canister (7.6TB) DKC-F810I-7R6MGM
SSD Canister (15TB) DKC-F810I-15RMGM
SSD Canister (30TB) DKC-F810I-30RMGM
7TB Flash Module Drive DKC-F810I-7R0FP
14TB Flash Module Drive DKC-F810I-14RFP
NVMe SSD Canister (1.9TB) DKC-F910I-1R9RVM
NVMe SSD Canister (3.8TB) DKC-F910I-3R8RVM
NVMe SSD Canister (7.6TB) DKC-F910I-7R6RVM
NVMe SSD Canister (15TB) DKC-F910I-15RRVM
NVMe SSD Canister (30TB) DKC-F910I-30RRVM
NVMe SCM Drive (375GB) DKC-F910I-375YVM