Referencing the detailed task status

System Administrator Guide for VSP 5000 Series

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To view the Task Status, click Status for each task in the Tasks window.

When an operation that contains several connected tasks is set as one task, you can still check the status of each task in the Tasks window. You can also check which task has failed. The following example shows that an error has occurred for the task action number 2.

The HDS Task Status window

In the LDEV creations or LUN operations, some tasks are processed as one and the individual result may not be reported. Some of the settings may not be applied because internal processing has been stopped due to the error displayed in the following Tasks window.

The HDS Task Status with Selected LDEVs window

For example, the following figure shows a single task in which "an LDEV 01 and an LDEV 02" are created. Though shown as a single task, this task is internally divided into two parts: a setting for LDEV 01 (setting A) and a setting for LDEV 02 (setting B). If an error occurs in the setting A task, the setting B task will not be processed. The operation result for the setting A task is displayed in the Status of the Tasks window. The setting B task will also not be processed for LDEV 01.

After the task operation is complete, check both the LDEV 02 which has failed in the setting A task and the setting A task for LDEV 01 which has completed. Then run the necessary task again.

The Task Status with LDEVs Errors