Table Controls

System Administrator Guide for VSP 5000 Series

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The following figures shows the controls used to view and filter the results in a main window table:

To scroll through pages of the table, use the left and right arrows or type a page number into the number field. To select all rows in the table, click Select All Pages. To display a table column, click Column Settings. If filter is ON, the filtered rows are selected. To sort the table, click the header of the column that you want to use to sort.

When you sort a capacity column, the column will be sorted by bytes regardless of the capacity unit used in the items in the column. Therefore columns in units of cylinders (cyl) may not necessarily be sorted in ascending or descending order of the number of cylinders. Even if the number of cylinders is the same, the capacity may not be the same according to the emulation type.

To save the displayed information to a TSV file, click Export under More Actions. This action is demonstrated in the following figure.

When you change the default file name, confirm that the file name contains the .tsv extension to save the file.