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System Administrator Guide for VSP 5000 Series

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Note: Whether the menus in the menu bar in the HDvM - SN main window are active or inactive depends on the installed licenses and the roles given to the logged-in user. When you add or delete a license, or change roles, refresh the menu bar by opening a new window. To open a new window, select an item in the Explorer.
Item Description
Click to return to the previous window.
Click to advance to the next window.
  • Refresh All: Acquires all the information about the storage system and updates both the SVP and Device Manager - Storage Navigator. You must have the Storage Administrator (initial configuration) permissions to use this function.
  • Logout: Logs the current user out of Device Manager - Storage Navigator.
Actions Provides actions to the storage system such as creating LDEVs or performing replication copy.
  • Task Management: Manages the tasks that will be applied to the storage system.
  • Configuration Report: Creates and downloads storage system configuration reports.
  • Performance Monitor: Monitors performance of the storage system.
  • Shredding Report: Downloads the shredding report.
  • User Management: Manages Device Manager - Storage Navigator user accounts, including changing passwords.
  • Resource management: Performs resource group related operations
  • Security: Performs audit log or encryption operations
  • Environmental Settings: Configures the license, the refresh interval of the window or an external server. Resets view settings that can be customized, such as width or order of table column.
View Changes the font size in the window.
Maintenance Utility Launches the storage system's maintenance work window.
  • Download: Displays the dialog box to download the setup files for Web Console Launcher (required to use the HDvM - SN secondary window with Java 11 or later) and Storage Device Launcher (required to start HDvM - SN running with Adobe AIR).
Help Displays the online help