Storage System Summary report

System Administrator Guide for VSP 5000 Series

Part Number

The following illustration shows an example of part of a report of a summary of the storage system. The actual report includes several more rows of information. The table following the illustration describes the items in the report.

The following table describes the items in a Storage System Summary report.

Item Description
Storage System Type Type of the storage system.
Serial Number Serial number of the storage system.
IP Address IP address of the SVP.
Software Versions Version of the following programs.
  • HTP
  • MFMH
  • eMFMH
  • ISCF
  • FCBK
  • ISW
  • DKB
  • DKBN
  • SVP
  • CBA
  • SSVP
  • GUM
  • FCDG
  • Expander
  • NSW
  • CFM
  • HDD
  • HDD (SVP)
  • Printout Tool
Number of CUs The number of control units in the storage system
Shared Memory Size (GB) Shared memory capacity

Includes the cache management information (directory)

Cache Size (GB) Cache capacity
Number of DKBs The number of disk boards on the module
System Options List of the system options specified for the storage system
Drive Capacity (TB) Total capacity of drives in the storage system except for external volumes
Spare Drive Capacity (TB) Total capacity of the spare drives in the storage system
Free Drive Capacity(TB) Total capacity of the free drives in the storage system
OPEN Volume Capacity (GB) List of the capacity of the open volumes

You cannot sort this list.

M/F Volume Capacity (GB) The list of the capacity of the mainframe volumes and multi-platform volumes

You cannot sort this list.

Number of LDEVs List of the numbers of the volumes in the following status.
  • allocated
  • unallocated
  • reserved
  • free

The list for open-systems and the list for mainframe-systems are separate.

You cannot sort these lists.